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New article in Nature Biotechnology

By December 15, 2023January 16th, 2024No Comments

We were thrilled to see our collaboration with AMSilk featured in Nature Biotechnology. 🕸️

AMSilk is a leading player to become the world’s first supplier of smart biotech materials.

For the past years, the world-class science teams of 21st.BIO and AMSilk have been collaborating very closely to develop and scale the production of spider silk proteins, which is predicted to become a disruptive force in the biomedical, cosmetics, and textile industries.

For its unparalleled combination of strength and flexibility, spider silk is the gold standard of bioindustrial materials. Not only is biosilk produced via precision fermentation mechanically superior, it is also fully biocompatible.

Our combined teams’ efforts have led to some incredible milestones, such as world’s first extracellular expression of spider silk proteins. This enables manufacturing at unprecedented productivity levels, opening lower-value markets.

We are very proud to continue supporting AMSilk in leading the field with industrial scale supplies of high-performance materials. All that we can do thanks to our industrial precision fermentation technology platform, and our amazing science team.