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Crafting tomorrow's materials

with precision fermentation

Crafting tomorrow's materials with precision fermentation

The future is biomade

Materials are the fabric of our technological progress, and the need for sustainable alternatives has never been more critical. Renewable and biodegradable, biomaterials emerge as an option.

From biopolymers and specialty chemicals to synthetic proteins, precision fermentation stands out as the most efficient solution to produce sustainably, and ensure a resilient supply chain with limited impact on the environment.

Welcome to the forefront

of precision fermentation

Working with 21st.BIO means accessing the world’s most advanced precision fermentation technology platform. In part licensed from Novozymes, our strains have been perfected for over 40 years, and used to deliver a multitude of products on the market today.

Our promise: industrially-proven production technology

We are committed to providing manufacturers access to our unparalleled production technology platform, from highest performing strains to fermentation protocols and continuous upscaling support. We offer a risk-mitigated path to achieve optimal cost efficiency, now and on the long run.

How does it work?

You are: 

  • A visionary start-up exploring one or several promising compounds 
  • An established supplier expanding its portfolio in sustainable alternatives

You get: 

  • The highest titers and product quality out here 
  • Custom support from an expert team, in a transparent collaborative setting 
  • Strain engineering, fermentation & DSP, pilot production, regulatory support, scale up and tech transfer consulting 
  • Continuous strain and processes optimization, keeping you ahead of the game long after market launch 
AMSilk x 21st.BIO: taking spider silk to next level

Our collaboration with German biotech AMSilk, covered in Nature Biotechnology, is enabling the large-scale production of various spider silk proteins used in biomedical, cosmetics, and textile industries.

Our technology and expertise led to industry milestones:

  • world’s first extracellular expression of spider silk proteins, enabling scalable production
  • production upscaling to unprecedented levels, opening a middle-value market to expand accessibility

For its unparalleled combination of strength and flexibility, spider silk is the gold standard of bioindustrial materials. Not only is biosilk produced via precision fermentation mechanically superior, it is also fully biocompatible. It has unlimited applications ranging from biofilms, home textiles, footwear, bags, and even composites for automobile.

We are very proud to continue supporting AMSilk in leading the field with industrial scale supplies of high-performance materials.

By partnering with 21st.BIO, we are succeeding where so many have struggled, delivering high performance precision fermentation at the right quality and cost parameters, and at a true industrial scale.

Ulrich Scherbel, CEO, AMSilk

Next steps

We help visionary players to reach market faster. Are you our new partner? 

Get access to our proven technology platform and distinct manufacturing capabilities. We let you focus on what you do best – product development and commercialization – and help you conquer the market at a competitive cost.

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