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21st.BIO at Folkemødet

By June 14, 2024June 19th, 2024No Comments

Biosolutions are moving center stage.


Our CEO Thomas Schmidt was attending Folkemødet, Denmark’s “People’s Meeting” in Bornholm this week with our colleague Barbara Taudorf, Director of Commercial Development and Strategic Partnerships, to discuss how to produce enough protein to feed the growing world population in the coming decades. Representative of the Danish democratic ambitions, Folkemødet is a unique festival where citizens, decision-makers, NGOs and businesses gather to discuss, debate, share ideas and promote cooperation.

This 2024 edition of Folkemødet was a true demonstration of the increasing level of understanding around the potential of biology to solve some of the most pressing issues around food security and climate transition.

21st.BIO was there to showcase how we use an industrial biological platform to develop production technologies for food and materials – and to share ideas and perspectives on how we accelerate the impact of precision fermentation globally.

The debates showed that:

  • Both the current and the next generations of politicians understand that we need biosolutions to deliver food security and climate targets.
  • Decision-makers are ready to move when it comes to supporting biosolutions as the driver for the green transition and growth for Denmark and beyond.
  • We need to establish a production footprint (aka a large production facility) in Denmark to truly exploit the potential of our world leading technology and know-how, as well as our strong ecosystem.
  • We still have some way to go to truly convince the consumers of using proteins produced with biotechnology – of course – the products are not approved for consumption in Europe.

We are ready for the 2025 edition and will happily contribute to discussions with all the stakeholders who can and will be part of making the biorevolution happen.


Did you know that the demand for food, and especially proteins, will double by 2050? To feed a growing population, biosolutions are highly needed. For this, we have to:

  • Select the proteins that the world needs most – for example, high-quality milk proteins.
  • Develop the best technologies to produce proteins via fermentation on an industrial scale – guess who’s on it…
  • Produce feedstock for fermentation. The microbes eat various forms of carbon in the fermentation tanks to make protein.
  • Secure political support to establish the first factories in Europe, so businesses can take part in this adventure. Otherwise, the first factories will be established in the US, the Middle East and Asia, using technologies developed in Europe.
  • Get the EU and European States to ensure that proteins produced with fermentation technology will be approved for food in Europe – quickly.

At 21st.BIO, we have developed and keep optimizing the best performing strains and precision fermentation processes. Check out our work and message us for any question or inquiry.