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Industrially-proven technology

for dairy proteins production

Industrially-proven technology for dairy proteins production

Dairy proteins made sustainably

Beta-lactoglobulin (BLG) and caseins have attracted much attention in the food industry, for their coagulation and texturing properties, on top of their invaluable nutritional profile. Dairy proteins stand out for their capacity to elevate taste, improve texture, and introduce essential nutrients, and have become a cornerstone of innovation across diverse food products.  

As consumers and the industry seek sustainable and functional alternatives, producing dairy proteins with precision fermentation stands out as the most efficient solution, ensuring a resilient supply chain with limited impact on the environment.  

Welcome to the forefront

of precision fermentation

Working with 21st.BIO means accessing the world’s most advanced precision fermentation technology platform. In part licensed from Novozymes, our strains have been perfected for over 40 years, and used to produce dozens of food-grade products on the market today. 

Our promise: industrially-proven production technology

We are committed to offering a limited number of manufacturers access to our cutting-edge production technology. Working on beta-lactoglobulin for the past years, our strains have already reached unmatched productivity, and product quality. Our customers are already scaling, and we are now ready to onboard more pioneers and move the industry forward. 

How does it work?

You are: 

  • A visionary start-up exploring the development and production of one or several dairy proteins
  • An established supplier expanding its portfolio with sustainable ingredients
  • A leading dairy company dedicated to lowering its environmental impact 

You get: 

  • Access to our leading production technology, enabling unmatched productivity, and used in several food applications already
  • Custom support from an expert team, in a transparent collaborative setting 
  • Transfer of our production technology in your own labs, or to a contract manufacturer
  • Focus on your DSP, optimized for the desired functionalities
  • Access to our in-house pilot facility, for pilot runs up to 1200 liters
  • Consulting services for strain engineering, fermentation & DSP, pilot production, regulatory approvals, scale up and tech transfer
  • Continuous strain and processes optimization, to stay ahead of the game long after market launch 
Join our BLG program

Our BLG development program enables the fast and cost-efficient industrial production of beta-lactoglobulin. Capitalizing on our mature fungal production strain, this program is offered to a limited number of companies who share the development costs. Participants are given a license to use our strain and processes to manufacture BLG. Over time, 21st.BIO will continue to optimize the strain and processes, keeping you ahead of the market for long.

Interested in other molecules, such as caseins? We are also working on these. Get in touch with our team for more information.

Next steps

We help visionary players to reach market faster. Are you our next partner? 

Get access to our proven technology platform and distinct manufacturing capabilities.

We let you focus on what you do best – product development and commercialization – and help you conquer the market at a competitive cost.

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