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Danish Ministers and industry organizations visit 21st.BIO

By March 12, 2024March 15th, 2024No Comments

Last week was another great event for us at 21st.BIO: we had the pleasure of opening our doors to a delegation of ministers and interest organizations leading the important green three-way negotiations.

We discussed how we in Denmark can be a driver of the next revolution in nutrition and materials via our leadership in the precision fermentation of proteins.

We had the opportunity to show the group around our soon-to-be-ready pilot factory and share our vision and ideas for how Denmark leads the way for Europe in the quest to produce the protein that the world needs in the future, sustainably.

Some of our key messages were: 
▶ Denmark is world-class in agricultural production and protein understanding.
▶ Denmark is world-class in the industrial bioproduction of proteins with precision fermentation.
▶ Denmark is world-class in energy solutions.
▶ Denmark has a proven track record of scaling climate technologies with favourable schemes.

Let’s get the industrial production of proteins with precision fermentation off the ground in a partnership between the parties that have successfully built these industries – from agriculture to energy industrials. And let’s contribute with the solutions that can fill the protein gap – and build a great new business adventure for Denmark on the way.

Thank you all for visiting, listening and being open to discussion 🤝