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New article in Danske Bank

By November 17, 2023January 30th, 2024No Comments

We’re glad to see our work showcased by Danske Bank. We are proud ambassadors of the precision fermentation field, advocating the potential of this technology to advance the green transition. Below is a short extract of the article.

21st.BIO co-founders Per Falholt, CSO, and Thomas Schmidt, CEO, in the Copenhagen headquarters.

Business boosts biotech innovation: “The power of invention must be useful for the world”

Biology contains fantastic solutions that can make us much less dependent on oil, chemicals and cows, if the green innovations can be produced on a large scale. The Danish company 21st.BIO will ensure this.

Imagine a world where spider webs are used instead of steel. Where to make proteins for milk in a laboratory. Where you ‘vaccinate’ trees instead of using pesticides.

This world is within reach.

But if we are to completely move away from CO2-heavy industrial production and create a bio-based society, it requires that the innovative biotechnological solutions can be produced in large quantities.

The power of invention that already exists in this area is only getting stronger. If it is to be useful for the world, it must be produced in systems that are industrial, so that production can be scaled up, says CEO of the Danish biotech company 21st.BIO, Thomas Schmidt.

Together with the former research and development director at Novozymes, Per Falholt, he founded 21st.BIO in 2020, located in bright, inviting premises in Søborg.

Thank you to Danske Bank for featuring us in their article.

From the food we eat, the materials that surround us, to the energy we use, up to 60% of the world’s physical resources could be made with biotechnology, ensuring a minimal use of our planet’s limited resources.

Read from our CEO Thomas G. Schmidt as he shares his vision of a sustainable future, and how we’re making it a reality today. He discussed a few of our customers’ projects, involving spider silk and milk proteins, poised to hit the market within a short time.