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New article in Børsen

By October 26, 2023January 30th, 2024No Comments

Big congratulations to Dansk Industri and Sofie Carsten Nielsen on the launch of European Biosolutions Coalition. Following the news, our CEO Thomas G. Schmidt shared his perspective on the latest movements in EU on biosolutions.

Thomas Schmidt, 21st.BIO CEO, in the fermentation lab.

Precision fermentation is Denmark's most important industry. Ursula von der Leyen's recent announcements to make biotech one of the highest-ranked EU effort areas in the future years are clearly a step in the right direction.

Thomas SchmidtCEO, 21st.BIO

We have the technology and competencies in Denmark and in Europe to take the lead globally on precision fermentation. And with that we can make a real impact on both the climate and the economy by using precision fermentation technology to produce food and materials.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, such as Carlsberg, Novo Nordisk or Novozymes, we at 21st.BIO believe that we must maintain and expand our leadership in this space.

And to do this, better EU regularly frameworks are needed to fasten product approvals and ease investments into infrastructure like production plants for proteins. If not, the business will go to the US and Asia.

Many thanks to the European Biosolutions Coalition and Sofie Carsten Nielsen for pushing for action and speed on behalf of the biotech industry.