We bring knowledge

and experience through

a world leading

team of specialists

We bring knowledge and experience through a world leading team of specialists


We are a team of experienced, accomplished and ambitious business leaders with a desire to help accelerate the worlds quest for sustainable food and materials. We combine our deep industry insight and business experience with a leading technology platform and a team of very talented people to make a real difference.

Thomas G. Schmidt


  • Senior Partner at McKinsey holding multiple leadership positions over 25+ years
  • Serving global clients in biotech, pharma and agriculture
  • Lived and worked in Europe, US and Latin America
  • Inspired, driven and visionary
  • Loves gravel biking in the forrest and dreams of becoming a professional windsurfer one day
Per Falholt


  • Global experience from science and building businesses
  • Held the position of Chief Science Officer at Novozymes for 16 years
  • Has launched more than 100 new products in the biotech sphere
  • Passionate about new technology and science
  • Prone to action – at work and in private life
Thomas Kabel


  • Senior CFO/M&A Executive, skilled in leading finance/business development initiatives for knowledge intensive corporates
  • Solid life science track record, having developed acquisitions for Novozymes, as well as developed and divested Glycom
  • Passionate about building world class teams and businesses
  • Enjoys family life with my two boys more than anything
Thomas Nagy


  • Seasoned executive with deep experience within biotech, innovation and production
  • Until 2016 member of the group executive board, Novozymes
  • Recently established BII – the Bio Innovation Institute – in Copenhagen
  • Latest an investor, chairman and member of several biotech boards
  • Enjoys his convertible and good wine (one thing at a time)…

We value driven personalities who combine the highest professional standards, team-orientation and a willingness to go the extra mile to make a difference. Working with us means working in a dynamic team, with industry leading peak competences and in a setting where the best ideas determine how we do our job..