We help accelerate

the World’s quest

for sustainable

food and materials

We help accelerate the World’s quest for sustainable food and materials


We help accelerate the World’s quest for sustainable food and materials. 

Biotech offers an extraordinary potential to replace and improve many foods and materials with attractive sustainable bio-based solutions*. With the advances in technology, insight and data, the discovery of new molecules has only just begun. 

Way too few promising innovations and new molecules have yet been successfully commercialized  and made a true impact to the world.

Industrial biotech innovations often stumble in the delivery step – i.e., turning their discovery in to cost competitive offerings. Many great innovations become niche rather than mainstream products. Industry insiders call the delivery step the “Valley of Death”. 

21st.Bio aims to be the World’s leading scaling hub for innovators in industrial biotech. We commit to helping unlock the enormous potential, by partnering with innovators to bridge the Valley of Death – and to make their innovations truly relevant to the World. In essence, we help people who change the World!

By doing this, we create a unique and unrivaled environment for global top talent to thrive and develop. 

“As much as 60 percent of the physical inputs to the global economy could be produced biologically.”
McKinsey & Co, BioRevolution 2020

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Technical Potential and Roadmap

What: We assess the technical potential in delivering your innovation – the expression system, the strain base, yield potential, investments required and the best way forward
How: We put together a team of the most experienced experts in industrial biotech backed by proprietary data

World class strains and optimization

What: We provide access to and optimize high performance strain platforms and production media across multiple expression systems. The aim is to significantly improve yields and stability
How: We operate with a world class strains library as our backbone across several expression systems. The strains have been tested and optimized over multiple years and have delivered results across the world

Scaling for commercial trial volumes

What: We build your scale up process and provide volumes for testing your innovations in the market
How: A state of the art pilot facility and a proven team to take your innovation to commercial trail volumes – cost effectively

Large Scale Manufacturing

What: We provide a high quality, proven low investment way for you to manufacture large scale – your “fermentation cloud solution”, built on a modular approach
How: Production in state-oft-the-art standardized modules