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Something is brewing

at 21st.BIO

Something is brewing at 21st.BIO

Give nerds a basement, they’ll brew wonders!

Our brand new pilot plant‘s construction is well underway here in Denmark. With a total capacity of 3060 liters, there’s plenty of space to take our customers’ projects to the next level. What about yours?

At 21st.BIO, we grow bacteria… and business opportunities.

Get in touch now to discuss your plans.

State-of-the-art equipment,
agile setup
Collaborative mindset,
your success is ours
Fermentation & DSP experts,
here to help

Your strains

deserve the best

Your strains deserve the best

Working with us means working with strain construction and fermentation experts, and having access to world-class protein expression technology. From strain development, fermentation and DSP optimization, all the way up to large-scale production, we support you at each and every step of your development.

If you need short-term support, or simply access to our pilot capacity, we’re also happy to help! Get in touch with our team and book a meeting to discuss available options.

At 21st.BIO, the success of our customers is our North Star. Customer projects are complex, and a mutual collaborative spirit is imperative to successfully bridge the Valley of Death. Only when our customers meet their commercial targets can we hope to fulfill our purpose to help the people who change the World.