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21st.BIO promotes biosolutions’ potential at the Danish Parliament

By March 1, 2024March 15th, 2024No Comments

Yesterday, our CEO Thomas Schmidt was invited to speak at the Danish Parliament’s Business Committee on the potential of biosolutions.


Tons of strong data points were presented during the day on how biosolutions can contribute to producing sustainable and highly functional foods, materials, and products for agriculture, i.e. produced with dramatically smaller use of land.

▶ By producing protein in large fermentation tanks, we can convert carbon produced by farmers several times better than a cow.
▶ 70-80% of the arable land is used to feed animals.
▶ If 10% of the animal-based proteins in the world were replaced by proteins produced with biosolutions, it would be equivalent to reducing the agriculture land use in Europe by 50%.
▶ 60% of all physical input in the world can be produced with biosolutions.
It is therefore essential to get solutions to the market that can produce more nutrition with less use of land and significantly smaller climate impact.

A clear message to the committee was that Denmark can play a leading role in driving Europe and the world forward.

How? Denmark has the competencies, the technology, the solutions, the global industrial leaders, and the innovations to support this.

The panel discussions also made it clear that to make it happen, it will be essential for Denmark to:
▶ Make a national strategy for biosolutions.
▶ Launch fast track approvals to secure that we can get more products produced with biosolutions to the market in Europe.
▶ Support the building of capacity – we have the technology ready in Denmark to build industrial scale protein factories.
▶ Support the next generation products by supporting the offtake financially.
▶ Establish a world-class center of excellence in Denmark to show the way for the rest of Europe.
▶ Establish dedicated fund structures with a longer lifetime than traditional venture.

At 21st.BIO, we are proud to support the building of world-class production technology for industrial scale production of nutrition, materials, and agriculture products.

Thank you very much to the Danish Parliament, and to DI Bio for the opportunity to contribute to the political discussion on how we take the bioindustry forward.